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& Filling

Our services don’t end in the lab.

We can take your products all the way to the shelf.


You Won’t Have to
Lift a Finger, or a Jug.

Save your business the hassle and let our skilled filling crew bottle your products for you. We accommodate standard cosmetic packaging and materials in addition to more unique bottling options, ensuring that your final product is beautiful, sturdy, and sets your brand apart.


Attract Customers,
Not the FDA.

Your label is an essential part of your brand’s unique identity. Crucially, your label should also be FDA compliant to avoid any issues for your company down the road. We can provide guidance before you source and print your labels, ensuring they are the correct size for your product packaging, and for our machines. We apply your labels in house by machine and by hand, allowing for a wide range of label options to best suit your brand.


Good Things
Come in Sets.

Does your business sell gift boxes, sample packs, or anything else that needs to be sold in a set? We offer expert kitting and assembly services, so your business can receive boxed sets that are ready to hit your shelves.


We Have a Shortcut
to Sales.

Want to bring your product to market fast, our Ready to Label option is perfect for you. We have proven, pre-bottled formulas so you can offer your customers wonderful natural beauty products without having to start from scratch.