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Menthol Crystals (Certified Organic)

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Menthol – nothing is more intensely clearing, cooling and invigorating. Essential's Certified Organic Menthol Crystals provides the best this potent, minty marvel has to offer. Our premium Certified Organic Menthol Crystals are naturally produced using Cornmint (mentha arvensis) essential oil, which is quick-frozen, making the menthol crystallizes out into beautiful, glittering oblong crystal shards.

Simple to use, they dissolve easily into alcohol or carrier oils making them an excellent go to ingredient when looking for an intense minty aroma and revitalizing cooling sensation. Effective in creating a wide variety of supportive products, this powerful player is a perfect choice for your organic specialty skin care formula needs.

Appearance: Colorless crystalline oblong rock type crystals, classic strong menthol/mint odor.

Parts Used: Essential oil of mentha arvensis (cornmint).

Processing: Crystallized quick frozen (cold extracted)

Shelf Life: 2 years

Origin: India

Melting Point: 42C - 44C (107F - 111F)