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Responsibly Grown Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil – Ingredient Spotlight

May 24 2024 – Essential Labs

Responsibly Grown Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil – Ingredient Spotlight
Responsibly Grown Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil – Ingredient Spotlight

Have you been searching for a star ingredient that has an amazing and undeniable visual “WOW” factor? Do you want to add color without using colorants or pigments? Consider our Responsibly Grown Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil!

What is Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil?

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is a fatty oil rich in palmitic acid (20-30%), palmitoleic acid (28-38%), oleic acid, and linoleic acid. A quick Google search will tell you that these essential fatty acids are critical in giving skin a smooth, healthy appearance. Essential carries Responsibly Grown Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil obtained by supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide, no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals, and no reproducible microorganisms. What makes this oil really stand out is its rich, vibrant, orange color. This beautiful orange color comes from the high content of beta-carotene in the oil. There is so much beta carotene, in fact, that if the oil is applied directly to the skin, it will stain. Be sure not to use it at 100% or you could find yourself with vibrant orange skin! This oil can appear slightly cloudy or turbid at room temperature or below and has a rather pleasant inherent aroma.

How do I Use Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil?

Essential’s Chief Formulator and Operations Manager, Laura Badcock, recommends using this oil at no more than 2% to avoid staining skin. This oil can be used in the oil phase of most cosmetic formulations or can be added to any Lotion, Cream, or Balm base. As always, test a small batch before moving to a full production size batch.  When adding to a cream or lotion, you can add directly and blend with a high shear mixer/hand blender. When adding to a Balm base, first heat the base just enough to liquefy, and then heat the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil to the same temperature before adding to the liquid Balm. Generally, Balms will liquefy at a rather low temperature so careful not to overheat the base or the oil.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Facial Oil

Try this quick and easy to make formula for Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Facial Serum! Each of these oils has its own unique skin nourishing profile making this oil especially effective for dry or mature skin.

Simply mix all oils together and package in a bottle with an airless pump or treatment pump.

Let us know how your Sea Buckthorn Berry Facial Oil turns out!