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Beeswax White Pastilles

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Naturally refined, with all the remnants filtered out and removed, along with the yellow coloring, these handy, easy to use spotless white beads are easy to use. They are a great replacement for petroleum-based ingredients in a variety of cosmetic applications, adding wonderful emollient properties and water-resistant benefits too. They are also great for making eco-friendly, beautiful and firm beeswax candles, which are known to burn slowly, and drip and smoke very little, keeping air quality impact to a minimum.

Clean and pristine, Essential's White Beeswax Prills offer a light and lovely honey-sweet aroma, making them a delight to use. A magnificent gift from nature's honeybees, beeswax is one of mankind's oldest and most valuable tools, with almost endless applications and benefits. However working with raw, unrefined beeswax can be time consuming and challenging, but our White Beeswax Prills make all that work history!

Appearance: Flakes, pastilles or granules

Color: White to off-white

Odor: Characteristic odor

Country of Origin: USA

INCI: Beeswax

Not for internal use.