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Carbomer is a thickening agent that helps control the viscosity and rhealogy (flow) of cosmetic products. It also helps distribute and suspend insoluble solids into liquid, and prevents the oil and liquid parts of a solution from separating.

Carbomer has the ability to absorb and retain water, and can swell up to 1000 times its original volume when dispersed in water. This ingredient is included in a wide range of personal care products such as styling gels, facial moisturizers, shampoos, eye creams, cleansers and scrubs, etc.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Category: Gums & thickeners
  • Ingredient Function: Thickener, gelling agent, emulsion stabilizer, suspending agent
  • Used in: Creams, lotions, gels, conditioners, shampoos, hair styling products, cleansers, exfoliants, masks
  • Solubility: Swells in water
  • Appearance: White to off-white fine powder
  • Odor: Slightly acetic odor

Production Information

  • Derived From: Synthetically derived
  • Part(s) Used: N/A
  • Preserved With: No preservative
  • Country of Origin: USA, Belgium
  • Method of Extraction: Polymerization
  • Processing: Polymerization, drying process

Pro Tips

  • Great for use in gel-based hair styling products, masks, moisturizers, and more.
  • Can be used as a suspending agent when insoluble solids such as glitter, clay, etc. are added to an emulsion.
  • A thickening agent that can be used in gels as well creams, lotions, and other emulsions.

This product is vegan.