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Active Series: Yoga Mat Spray Recipe

July 02 2024 – Essential Labs

Active Series: Yoga Mat Spray Recipe
Active Series: Yoga Mat Spray Recipe

ACTIVE SERIES: Keep Your Gear Fresh

Summer adventures bring the thrill of the great outdoors and invigorating workouts, but they also come with the inevitable sweat, dirt, and grime that cling to our beloved exercise and camping gear. As the temperatures rise, the need for a reliable and refreshing cleaning solution becomes increasingly important. Well, we’ve got you covered!

We called it our Yoga Mat Spray, but it is so much more than that! This highly versatile spray will become your go-to whenever you want to refresh your gear, especially during the sweaty summer months. Yes, it works great on yoga mats, but it is just as effective as a cleaner for camping gear, spa tables, gym equipment, and more!

We've been getting asked about this multi-purpose spray since it left our site, and we're excited to now share the not-so-secret recipe with you.

Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Yoga Mat Spray


55.79g Castile Soap (Head to your local grocery store for this!)
3.68g Polysorbate 20
390.5g Deionized Water
0.28g Patchouli Essential Oil
0.28g Tea Tree Essential Oil
0.28g Lemongrass Essential Oil
2.79g Lavender Essential Oil Bulgarian



How to Use

To use, simply spray onto a wet cloth, wipe down the surface, and allow it to air dry. For a deeper clean, spray directly onto the surface or equipment and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Then, scrub vigorously with a wet cloth to work the Castile Soap base into a rich lather. Once sufficiently cleaned, wipe off the lather with a clean wet cloth and allow your mat to air dry.

Start spraying and enjoy the calming floral notes, crisp freshness, earthy depth, and bright citrus aroma of this delightful scent blend.