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Active Series: Post-Workout Cooling Gels

June 24 2024 – Essential Labs

Active Series: Post-Workout Cooling Gels
Active Series: Post-Workout Cooling Gels

Gels, when formulated well, can be highly effective in providing a soothing sensation to tense muscles through the use of different ingredients such as warming capsicum and cooling menthol. Despite all of the benefits they provide, are these gels good for your skin?

How Do These Gels Work?

While warming and cooling gels have different active ingredients to help calm and soothe, here at Essential Labs, our muscle gel and arctic blue contain some of the same while also containing their own unique ingredients. Muscle Gel contains capsicum and camphor oil as the star ingredients, whilst our Arctic Blue Gel contains peppermint and arnica. The camphor oil is added to provide a cooling sensation in our otherwise warming Muscle Gel, and the Capsicum is the genus of plants that produce fruits such as chili peppers, which contain a compound known as capsaicin. Similar to the warmth you feel when tasting something spicy, spreading it on your skin provides a warm, tingling sensation, akin to a heating pad for muscles. Our muscle gel also contains basil and chamomile oil concentrations as part of a natural, soothing blend. The arctic blue gel’s spearmint and lemongrass oils supply your skin with the much needed cooling function and the additional benefit of aromatherapy.

Are These Gels Good for Your Skin?

It depends; not every muscle gel is necessarily suitable for your skin. While it might not harm your skin, some ingredients, such as methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen), can potentially cause skin irritation. Additionally, the active ingredient in muscle gels tends to dry out the skin. However, our muscle gel contains occlusive oils such as meadowfoam seed oil, locking in moisture and allowing your skin to rehydrate. It also contains rosemary and oregano essential oils, specifically added to soothe skin. One of our favorite oils is in our arctic blue cooling gel; daikon radish, which is a versatile, non-greasy, and hydrating oil that provides a delicate slip and excellent moisturizing properties.

Who Should Use These Relaxing & Reviving Gels?

Anyone can use muscle gel or arctic blue gel, but people with skin sensitivities should be wary of certain ingredients. While warming and cooling gels are designed to go onto your skin, not every manufacturer creates their product with your skin in mind. If you have sensitive skin or are worried about the effects of any topical skincare look for products with more than just the typical cooling and heating ingredients.

So there you have it! Whether you're hitting the trails, striking a pose by the waves, or paddling your heart out on the river, don't forget that recovery is just as important as the adventure itself. Our 2 favorite post-workout gels, with their dynamic cold and/or hot sensation, is the perfect companion to keep you feeling your best. They’re versatile enough to be a staple in any spa, massage, or active lifestyle routine. Embrace the post-adventure chill with confidence, knowing that our gels not only soothe your muscles but also take care of your skin. Here's to making your summer/workout outings as relaxing as they are exhilarating!