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Why Partner With Us?

June 24 2024 – Essential Labs

Why Partner With Us?
Why Partner With Us?

Those in the beauty industry know that consumer demand for natural products is growing day by day. We are experienced natural beauty creators, using responsibly grown and naturally derived ingredients wherever possible and making science-based decisions when crafting formulas to ensure a stable, competitive final product. Our products are also cruelty free and made with sustainability in mind, so both you and your customers can feel good about your purchases. Plus, our stock products are available directly to the public, making us a great partner for small businesses while being readily equipped to support you as your company grows.


Every company has their own definition of quality, but as a skincare manufacturer, quality is our most important business practice. So what does “quality” mean to Essential? 

Product Development

At Essential, we have developed a process to assist us and our business partners in a smooth collaboration of product development. A product that comes to you from our facility has gone through 5 significant product development phases. We research and create a product plan utilizing our internal resources, and after a design plan and a product proposal have been established we hand things over to our in-house lab. Our master formulators and professional chemists conduct research and development, using innovative scientific methods and creating prototype formulas of the highest quality. The final batch of products is then sent to our volunteer network of employees and customers, as we prefer real feedback from the end user.

Once we have settled on the best possible formula, there are rigorous tests that the product has to go through before it is ready for production, including third party lab tests. We are thorough in this so that our products can glide their way through the production process quickly and strategically. Essential strives to perfect every step of our processes and we are always adapting to provide a polished transfer to our manufacturing team to provide you and your customers with high quality, efficacious products.   

Ingredient Sourcing

We source from vendors we trust and require supporting documentation on every item we bring into our facility such as, Certificates of Analysis, Safety Data Sheets, and Technical Specification information on any ingredients provided.  We carefully monitor our ingredient inventory by lot number, bin location, and expiry date so that when we’re ready to batch fresh products, we know they are made from fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients from around the world. For us, that’s where quality assurance begins. 


We test our finished products in our QC lab, we test every lot that goes out our door before it goes to our customers. Products you purchase from Essential have been through a quality assurance process to verify consistency in color, viscosity, scent, pH and of course, to ensure the product is free from microbial bacteria, yeast, and mold. We store all test results electronically and can create a Certificate of Analysis on any of our products or ingredients upon request, as well as Safety Data Sheets.


Quality is also built into our batch sizes. We batch small because naturally derived ingredients have shorter shelf lives than synthetic products created from lab-manufactured ingredients.  We don’t want your products sitting on our shelves for months and months before they even get to you. Know you’ll be getting the freshest product we can give you at any time. 
We also batch every day, and that’s a lot to keep track of. Therefore, we retain a batch sample for every single batch we make and  store and organize it by the batch’s lot code. That retention sample serves two purposes, to determine if the next batch is the same as the previous batch and if the product can hold up over time. Additionally, we will perform in-process production checks to ensure that every step of production is meeting specific criteria and our high standards. When you order your products and ingredients from Essential, you’re not just buying a lotion or an essential oil or a peptide; you’re buying confidence in the products you sell to your customers. 

Proprietary Ingredients

Along with using our proprietary ingredients in formulations, we sell our own manufactured ingredients directly. This includes our essential oil blends, oil blends, antioxidant blends, and preservative blends, which have been carefully crafted by registered aromatherapists and formulators.  


As a manufacturing facility, our employees come first. We work with OSHA to make sure we are compliant and that we are up to date with all regulations. Finally, besides inspecting our raw materials and facility for cleanliness and sanitation, we are constantly looking to improve our process and growing as the industry grows. 


Essential is committed to sustainability and innovative, alternative energy solutions.  We believe we are members of a broader community, and we want to do our part to contribute to and influence sustainable measures through the industry and our local community, too. These values drive our day-to-day activities and decisions.  

Solar Powered Manufacturing 

As you think about how to increase your sustainability footprint, using skincare made at a solar-powered manufacturing facility is one giant step you can take. 
Essential Labs has adopted this remarkable technology here in Portland, and our re-purposed warehouse boasts an enormous solar power array, with over 400 panels generating about 147,000 kWh a year (it covers our entire roof!).  We worked in conjunction with Oregon Energy Trust, our landlord and a host of organizations to make this possible.  We now produce almost 80% of our energy needs and are happy to provide solar-powered skincare to our customers. 

Sustainable Shipping Materials  

We use compostable packing peanuts made from sorghum, as well as shipping boxes made from recycled material. When you see our box, and plastic bottles, feel free to reuse or recycle to keep that going! In terms of packaging, we offer sustainable options, use recycled plastic, and are constantly finding and testing greener solutions that can still hold up to essential oils. 
We’re always on the lookout for new ways to keep the planet a little healthier and hope you and your customers feel great about the impact you’re making alongside us. 

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

It’s not enough to simply use high quality ingredients⁠⁠—from the start of the supply chain to the finished product, beauty buyers care about the effect their products have on individuals and the environment.

Our Ingredient Philosophy

Consumers are becoming more and more likely to read ingredient lists before investing in skincare—make a great impression on your customer with our meticulously chosen ingredients. We are a Leaping Bunny certified facility, meaning we only source cruelty free, thoroughly documented ingredients. Similarly, we strive to source the most sustainable and ethically produced ingredients possible. Our long-standing relationships with vendors ensure that we can respond nimbly to supply chain shifts and stay on the pulse of the ingredient market.

When picking ingredients for our formulas, we take a variety of factors into account, including bioavailability, functionality, pricing, and, of course, quality. We use natural ingredients whenever possible, often favoring responsibly grown ingredients when they are available. When we do opt for a synthetic ingredient, it is an intentional choice, typically made to preserve the stability of a formula, or to ensure that the formula can remain vegan and cruelty free.

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