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Why You Need Rosehip Seed Oil in Your Beauty Line

March 15 2024 – Essential Labs

Why You Need Rosehip Seed Oil in Your Beauty Line
Why You Need Rosehip Seed Oil in Your Beauty Line

There are lots of carrier oils out there, and it can be hard to determine which is best for you or your beauty line. This can be further complicated by some carrier oils' tendencies to weigh down pores and leave greasy residue behind. Enter rosehip seed oil—a botanical fueled "dry oil" that moisturizes skin while still being suitable for oily or blemish-prone skin. Read on to learn more about rosehip oil and decide whether it's right for your routine.


Who is rosehip seed oil for?

As we mentioned, rosehip seed oil is referred to as a "dry oil." This means that it soaks into the skin quickly without leaving residue behind, essentially leaving a matte, "dry" feeling on the skin. Its high absorbency and light, breathable nature makes it a great option for oily or blemish-prone skin types, though rosehip oil will benefit all types of skin. If you use it on its own, we recommend applying a small amount (2-4 drops) to the face daily. You can also reap the benefits of rosehip seed oil by using products that feature this carrier oil.

Rosehip seed oil for hair

Hair Benefits

While rosehip oil is commonly thought of as a skincare ingredient, we absolutely love it for hair as well. Because this oil is so absorbent, it readily soaks into hair, giving you a fast and restorative burst of moisture. Here are our favorite benefits:

  • Helps give dry hair much needed moisture while temporarily reducing the appearance of split ends.
  • Wonderful as an overnight scalp oil.
  • Effective for all hair types.

Rosehip seed oil for skin

Skin Benefits

Whether you are including rosehip oil in a formulation or using it as is, this carrier oil has a variety of benefits for skin, and even better, it's trending right now, so adding it to your beauty line can help you score some popularity points with your customers! Here's some of our favorite skin benefits:

  • Contains linoleic acid, which moisturizes skin while helping to calm and soothe chaotic skin types. Some blemish-prone skin desperately needs moisture to resolve itself, and rosehip oil may be the right kind of moisture that can do just that.
  • May help improve the appearance of skin tone and make the complexion appear more even.
  • May help combat the appearance of some visible signs of aging due to high antioxidant content.

Rosehip Seed Oil Powered Products

Essential has a variety of rosehip powered products. Check out our rosehip line to see what's right for you!

Rosehip seed oil makes a wonderful facial oil on its own too—if you're looking to add this oil on it's own to your beauty line, shop our conventional refined and cold pressed responsibly grown options.